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So…this happened!! Let me be the first to tell you I was NOT planning on painting our porch anytime soon. It was near the top of my project list…but honestly had no plans to do any projects until later in the summer. One day we were busy getting things done around the house and yard for a guest we were having come over. I decided to sweep & hose off the porch to make it a little more presentable. Once I had cleared it off & power washed it, I randomly decided it was a good time to paint it, because why the heck not! It was all ready to go for painting, so I headed to lowes and got a gallon of our white ceiling color- swiss coffee. I already knew I loved the color…and I knew I wanted to do something bright and neutral to make the house color & bright yellow door POP on it! So I just went for it! I honestly start 95% of my projects on a whim and in my experience they usually turn out better that way! Instead of overthinking it, I go with the plan I have somewhat thought through at some point and impulsively dive in!

I have to say I’m sooooo thrilled with how it turned out! At first I wasn’t sure about how BRIGHT the white was…I mean compared to the past grey/blue color, it was a big change. After seeing it all finished I think it was the perfect choice! It kinda reminds me of buildings in Greece with the bright white and pops of bright color on it! Which makes me like it even more 😉 The white will be a challenge to keep clean due to the fact that we live a bit in the country with a dirt/rock driveway. But, I still think it was worth it!

You’ll also notice a big change to the porch is that it is now more of a “open porch” and no longer a porch with a railing. This was kinda-sorta unplanned, haha. I had considered having a open porch and ditching the railing (it was old & falling apart anyway!), but I wasn’t planning on doing it so soon. But after a little mishap, the railing literally FELL off…I knew it was time to try out the open porch feel and see if we liked it more:)So far I do! I’m not saying one day we won’t change our minds and add a custom shorter wood railing around it, but for now we are going to give this a try!

And I have to say guys, in my opinion adding a little paint is one of the cheapest & quickest ways to spruce up a area and make it pop a little more than before! Now I’m aware that you can’t paint everything, haha. But what you can paint, it sure can dramatically change the look of a room or area of your home quickly!! This whole mini porch makeover cost just about $200! Which in our experience anytime you want to do ANYTHING to the inside or outside of your home, it usually ends up costing in the thousands, so if you ask me this was a more inexpensive “makeover” and that makes me happy!:)

Now I’ve said it before, the porch isn’t quite done…but will it ever really be done?! I still have plans to paint the porch ceiling the same white and of course finish painting the shutters as well. I’m also hoping to get some vintage patio furniture to replace the wood chairs that are just standing in for the moment 😉 But that’s a hunt I’m still on and one day hope to find!

Enough rambling, I’m sure you’re ready to see it!! First up are a couple “before” phone pics and the after will follow. I am so excited to have this project checked off! What a difference a little paint can make! Gonna keep working on the curb appeal of our little home…but I think we’re off to a good start 😉 Hope you enjoy!!

xoxo, katelyn



BEFORE I spray painted pots (PHONE PIC)


Paint: Swiss Coffee from Lowes

Spray Paint: From Lowes

Succulents & soil: From Lowes

Patio rug & door mats: Target

Already had:

Chairs & little table: Antique store/craigslist

Plant stand: Ross


These two are such a genuine sweet pair. Since our first coffee date, I have loved getting to know Taryn & Cameron and I have been so looking forward to this beautiful day!! And it surely did not disappoint! From the gorgeous catholic cathedral to the incredible South Ridge venue nested in the sutter buttes- the smallest mountain range in the world…it was perfect.

These two are loved!! Their reception was packed full of wall to wall people who clearly love and adore taryn & cameron very much! It was such a beautiful & FUN celebration of these two committing their lives to one another.

And I have to say, I’m pretty sure they had the largest wedding party to date that I’ve ever photographed!! Even with the larger group- this day was a breeze and everyone was so much fun to work with!

Taryn & Cameron, thank you for giving me the honor of being your photographer. I absolutely loved being a part of your beautiful day!! Enjoy my favorites!

xoxo, katelyn


Venue: South Ridge Estates

Photographer: Katelyn Owens Photography

Catering: Marcello’s

D.J: Wedding D.J

Cake: Cake Lady

Rentals: Pizazz Party Rentals

Wedding Dress: Always Elegant

Groom Attire: Always Elegant

Make-up: Happily Beautiful

Florist: Michelle Zarick


I say it EVERY time, I love love love shooting elopements!! Last year I traveled to San Fransisco several times for beautiful iconic city hall elopements and loved every minute of it. You would think after you shoot at a place almost every month you’d get sick of it, huh? Nope. Not in this case. The insanely gorgeous city hall architecture alone has me falling in love with it over and over again. Endless photo locations, beautiful natural light and crazy head over heels in love couples everywhere you look.

Elopements are magical. They are two people committing to forever in the simplest of form. Elopements are intimate. Every single time I shoot one I’m reminded of what a honor it is to be there for that moment documenting such an incredible, beautiful day.

Iza & Fabian’s elopement was the first one I’ve shot where it is literally just bride & groom and the judge & I. I was their only witness…wow, what an honor!! I loved spending the day with these two. Seriously, LOVED it. They looked absolutely stunning and rocked their portraits, which made my time with them a breeze!

Iza & Fabian, thank you for giving me the huge honor of being your wedding photographer!! I loved witnessing this incredible day & I loved every minute with you two!! Enjoy my favorites from your day!!




I’m pretty sure it’s obvious to everyone around that these two were always meant to be. They met at just 4years old(!), shared their first kiss together in elementary school & and now all these years later these two are finally husband and wife!! The love kayla & peter share and the way they look at each other is quite endearing:)These two make such a beautiful pair and compliment each other so well.

Their beautiful wedding day was beyond perfect!! The venue, the weather (in the 70’s!!), their amazing bridal party, friends & family. They were surrounded by such amazing friends and family and it was so clear to everyone around how loved these two are and how much support they have!! Which of course not only made for some amazing toasts, but also an amazing dance party!!

I absolutely loved spending the day with these two. They are truly a joy to be around and exude such a calming presence. They are definitely a breath of fresh air! Kayla & Peter, thank you for choosing me to capture & document one of the best days of your life. I had the BEST time with you and cannot wait for you to relive it from the photos below!! Congrats you two!! Happy honeymooning!!

xoxo, katelyn


Venue: Butte Creek Country Club

Photographer: Katelyn Owens Photography

Florist: Cambray Rose

D.J: The Wedding D.J

Cake: Cinful Desserts

Rentals: We Do Designs

Inviations: Elegant Wedding

Wedding Dress Shop: Always Elegant

Grooms Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Make-up: Powder Room

Hair: Emily Johnson @ Blondies

Wedding Coordinator: CES Weddings & Events

Photobooth: Trebooth


I have been excited about this day since the moment I met these two! When Jordan first contacted me, she described her big day in perfect detail including their plans to get married on Kyle’s family ranch nestled under a huge oak tree surrounded by their close friends and family. And let me tell you, this day was more amazing than I ever imagined possible. Not just because of the breathtaking scenery or the beautiful florals and spring colors. Those things most definitely added to the beauty of this day, but the true reason this day was so amazing, was these two right here!

The love Jordan & Kyle share is incredibly genuine, full of sincerity and true friendship. I’m sure that sounds super cliche, but I mean every word! I so love spending time with my couples before the big day and I was able to spend a little more time with these two than usual. We shared a couple picnics and a fun full day adventure through the mountains for their engagement. These two quickly became friends and I have loved getting to know them over the last year! And I’ll just reiterate what was said over & over at their reception. Jordan & Kyle just fit together and compliment each other so well. They both are such kind people who selflessly care about others above themselves. What a beautiful pair they make!

Jordan & Kyle, I’m so thankful our paths crossed. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your photographer. I truly loved every minute!! Enjoy my favorites from your day.

xoxo, katelyn


Venue: Family Ranch

Photographer: Katelyn Owens Photography

Catering: New Hock Farms

D.J: The Wedding D.J

Florist: Gridley FFA

Donut Bar: Donut Tree

Chairs: All American Rentals

Dress: Miosa’s

Photobooth: Photobus