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Chico California Photographer: Fridays with Katelyn!- Life Update

Hi friends!! Welcome to my 2nd installment of ‘fridays with katelyn’. I’m so excited that I finally got my butt into gear to start a weekly personal blog series 🙂 I have wanted to for quite some time…but wasn’t really ready to commit to a weekly series or really sure what exactly to do it on! I have to be honest, I am not the best writer and writing is definitely not my thing! It doesn’t come as natural to me as other things do, which often makes it challenging for me to want to do it. Especially do it weekly! But I figure it is TIME! It is time to commit to a weekly series and just be as real and open with it all as possible. This series will consist of updates on life, house projects, home decor ideas and such or just random thoughts I may have!

For today’s post I thought it was perfect for a little update on life. So here we go! 😉 Guys…life has been NUTS to say the least. I am not one who prides myself in being ‘busy’. I really strive to have a balance of work life & plenty of REST. I’m pretty good at knowing my limits and when my plate is too full I do my best to slow down. It’s taken me making mistakes and piling my plate too full which often results in stress, so I try my best to avoid that! Because I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling stressed!! With that said, I’ve also learned to accept that some seasons of life are just busier that others and I just try to do my best to work through it and still have plenty of family & rest time in the mix. Because if you ask me, life is too short to work too much and not be making amazing memories with the people you love most! Below are a few life updates in bullet format…because sometimes my brain just works better that way 😉

1.) Probably the very most exciting thing that has happened lately is the birth of my sweet baby twin nephews!! My wonderful brother & sister in law had their sweet baby boys on Wednesday and I could not be more excited to be an auntie again!  They are the cutest little guys and I cannot wait to see them grow up!

2.) Wedding season is in full swing and I am working my butt off to stay on top of the full workload! This year I’ve worked on perfecting my workflow and I cannot tell you the difference it makes!! I have certain days for certain things and it helps me stay focused to accomplish the days tasks and get them done in a timely manner. It also has helped me to make time for things that help my business THRIVE instead of just survive.

3) Summer is HERE and our home projects are in full swing! It’s not even something we necessarily plan to do this time of year. There just must be something about the nice weather and sun being out that makes you want to get things accomplished that you may have not had time for during the colder rainy season. And it’s SO fun to work on it with my hubby!! Our home is our main project and I love working on it with him. They say once you buy a house the house projects never end …and I have to say they are right about that! Even though we did a lot of renovating to the inside of our home when we first got the keys, there is always something that needs to be done or can use a tune-up 😉 We just try to take it one project at a time and I love seeing it slowly come together!

4) We have slowly started homeschooling ryden! We thought & prayed about it a lot before we decided to do home school or a charter school. It honestly is not something I ever thought we would do…but I’m so excited about this new adventure! It’s definitely overwhelming at times, but there is nothing like seeing him learn and being there every step of the way. And I have to say I absolutely LOVE spending time with my sweet boy and honestly cannot imagine being away from him 6+hrs a day if he were to go to school. I’m sure at some point that will happen…but I’m glad it isn’t quite yet 😉

5) Okay, how is it already JUNE!?? I seriously cannot believe it! June is pretty packed full with weddings, house sitting for my parents, a cpr class, graduation parties and the best thing…it’s our anniversary month!! We will have been married for 9years come next week on June 6th! I truly cannot believe it!! Time goes by sooooo fast. I feel like we just got married, but at the same time have been married forever. I’ll definitely make sure to do a little anniversary/marriage post when it gets a little closer 🙂

6) Lastly, there has been a lot going on in our lives aside from the norm and while I cannot share much more quite yet, I have to say I am SO excited about it!! I know that is so vague, but I promise I’ll share more as soon as I can.

I think that about wraps up this little life update. I can’t wait to stay connected with you all through this new weekly blog series. Have a happy friday friends! I’m taking the day off to rest up before tomorrow’s beautiful wedding! Oh and enjoy a little sneak peek below of me & my sweet new baby nephews not even 24hrs old! <3




*A little phone pic of me and sweet baby henry & james*